1Why does the address bar show “not secure connection”? Is my data safe?

This is because Trohs does not use SSL. SSL is generally required when you want to handle some sensitive data. But as a part of our fail-safe security measures, we do not happen to handle this kind of (Sensitive Info Such as email id and passwords) data. The sensitive part of data, Google authentication is handled locally by the user.

2Is it FREE ?

Yes, for individuals trohs is totally FREE service with no hidden costs. However, enterprise needs to get a license. Need help with license ? Contact Us

3What information about your users (people who use your shortened URL) is collected ?

At trohs, we value privacy and satisfaction of our users, therefore we focus on different ways to ensure privacy as well as gather necessary data. We collect Source, Device Type and OS when someone uses your shorten URL. However, this information contributes to aggregated statistics. We ensure that no private information is collected by trohs.

4I'm unable to see preview after pasting my shorten url on social platforms.

This type of problem occurs due to internet speed issues. Please wait for few seconds while the app (Ex: WhatsApp) loads preview.

5 We are sorry, but you do not have access to Google Bookmarks.

This usually happens when you use mail id provided by organizations or school or university which block certain google features including Google Bookmarks. And your default account is your university account.

Example of such mail id : abc@def.edu

Solution : Use your personal email address instead.
-> Click on Your Google Account to Top-Right of Document.
-> Select ‘Sign Out of All Accounts’
-> Now Sign it with your personal account.
-> Now you can also add your organization account, but your personal account should be your default account.

6 Error 400 in Google Bookmarks

Reason : Most likely to be a Browser Cookie Issue.

Solution : Click on the lock like symbol in the address bar and select “Clear Cookies and Site Data”. If that still does not work then:-

->Click on Your Google Account to Top-Right of Document.
->Select ‘Sign Out of All Accounts’
->Now Sign it with your personal account (not Organization like @xyz.edu).
->Now you can also add your organization account, but your personal account should be your default account.

7 How Trohs is better than other URL shorteners?

1. It’s completely free.
2. Seamless design for smooth user experience.
3. Modern methods to shorten URL and process requests.
4. No Ads. We don’t believe in using ads and giving users $1.5 per 1000 clicks. This way of advertising is ineffective for advertisers and creates bad user experience.